Kovářství HP



Blacksmith products

Balkony, Window, Grills
Fence, Ballustrading, Gates
Garden houses, Well grills
Handles, Knockers, Hasps, Hinges, Fire grills
Fireplace tools, Lights, Stairs and Railings
Forged Garden furniture
Bells-Bronze and Steel (all sizes.(almost))

We charge a small fee for designs which is returned if the project is realised.







Live show of our handicraft

For More than 30 years we are working on the Christmas and Easter markets on Oldtown and Wenceslav squares in Prague. You can also meet us at other historical handicraft markets in Czech republic, but mainly in the center of Prague. You can find current information about placing of our stands on our instagram profile.
If you are interested we can come to your private event, of course we wear historic costumes. We can also arrange for live medieval music.


Minting coins

Our company is offering hand minted coins and medals. According to your proposal we will prepare punches and mint the coins or medals for you. “Live minting” is very popular namely on the event place for example: promo events, company parties, town celebration, family reuninons etc.

Restoration work

Part of our work is renovation and replication of historic forged elements.

Our work etc.reference.

Workshop / Courses

In our blacksmith workshop you can try blacksmith work. Come try being a blacksmith for a day.
We can offer day or weekend workshops.
You will work under the leadership of our masters blacksmiths, which will lead you and they will help you with the production. You can also make your own pendant, ring, bracelet, candlestick or knife from steal (also some another forged products). Tuition is possible in English with a native speaker.
Price is aprox. 5000 crowns.
If neede we can arrange food and board in Jílové u Prahy. (This is not in the price of the course)




Minting of commemorative coins and medals with logo of company for example: Ministry of Enviroment, French National Bank, Municipal office of Prague 4, IBM, Bosch, Municipal house Prague 1, Czech tenis association, Czech association of physical education, Coffee Jihlavanka, Mazda, Břevnov Monastery, ČSOB, etc.

Restoration work


Karlštejn gates

Zbraslav castle – door pants

Hotel Savoy, Prague – balkony grills

Temple of holy Voršila – window bars to chapel

Charles Spas – Rail and Stairs

Church of holy Vojtěch in Jílové u Prahy – doors and belfry

Church of holy Jan Nepomucký, Štěchovice – door pants and locks


Jílové forge at adress Nádražní 129 was built in 1938,  from this year it is an operating blacksmith workshop. In 1994 we bought this workshop – Jiří Hovorka and Ladislav Půlpán.

We met like classmates at Middle school „Podkovarska“ in Prague. We did this school in 1982 – 1985 with specialization in “Artistic blacksmith and locksmith” for ZUKOV. Our work was most by influenced: master of proffesional training Pavel Révay, also teachers ing. Šimon Vondruška and Karel Goňa.

In 1989 we made a company named “Kovářství HP”. We started at Karlštejn castle and then in the center of Prague like guys minting coins –  we made hand-made replics of historical coins. Now we are doing mostly blacksmith production, restoration and craft work from mild steel while continuing to mint coins. From the time we are doing this job we completed many interesting contracts in Czech Republic and abroad.


These prices are without VAT and they are aproximate. This is handmade production. We can give more information by the telephone or e-mail.


Graphic preparation of proposal


• basic price is 60 EUR.

At the realisation this price will be subtracted from the whole price




• Onesided / 1 punch / from 275 EUR (it’s up to difficult of engraving)

• Twosided  / 2 punches / from 550 EUR (it’s up to difficult of engraving)

Quantity discounts we are provided when you order more than 100 coins.


Blacksmith products (Prices also only indicative)


• Forged fence / 1 m from 80 EUR

• Forged gate / 1 m from 200 EUR

• Window grills/1 m from 75 EUR

• Fireplace tool /  from 60 EUR

• Different forged supplements, replicas, handles, knockers, pants etc. (Prices by agreement)






Nádražní 129, 254 01 Jílové u Prahy

Phone number:

+420 777 787 890

+420 777 787 889


Instagram:  @kovarstvihp


Thank you for your interest